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How to Think (and Eat) Like a Naturally Thin Person

Do you ever wonder why some people seem to eat and eat and yet they stay thin? The answer may be more in how they think about food than what they eat. Here’s how to think, and eat, like a naturally thin person.

Assess Your Food Attitude

Many people grew up with certain feelings about food. We eat for comfort. We eat for a celebration. We eat to make ourselves feel better. A naturally thin person doesn’t generally have any emotions tied to food. They appreciate what they eat but they don’t eat for any other reason than because they’re hungry. They eat when their body needs food.

By assessing your food attitude, you can begin to see what triggers you to eat. Do you eat when you’re sad or depressed? Do you eat when you don’t physically feel well? Do you have food habits that really have no rhyme or reason? 

Are You Really Hungry?

Naturally thin people eat when they’re hungry. (They also stop when they’re full but well take a look at that in just a second.) Many people eat unconsciously. For example, it’s lunchtime, so you eat. It’s snack time, so you eat. You’re at a party, so you eat. You don’t stop to assess or ask yourself if you’re really hungry. You eat on autopilot. This quickly leads to eating more than your body needs. 

Create a habit of asking yourself if you’re really hungry before you eat. Give yourself a scale. “On a scale of 1-10, how hungry am I?” If you’re at 8, 9, or 10 it makes sense to eat. If you’re somewhere between 5 and 7, then consider drinking a glass of water and waiting an hour. If you’re at less than 5, you’re not really hungry and can wait until your body needs food. Developing this habit will help you break the habit of eating on autopilot. You’ll begin to fuel your body when your body needs fuel.

Eat Until You’re Full

The other habit naturally thin people have is to only eat until they’re full. As a society we’ve dramatically increased the amount of food we eat during a meal. Most often, we only need to eat about a quarter to a third of what’s on our plate and we’re full. But we’re accustomed to eating everything on our plates. When our plates have become huge, this results in tremendous overeating.

Order smaller plates at restaurants and only take about a quarter of what you normally take when eating at home. You can always go back for seconds. As you eat, pay attention to your body. Are you full? It normally takes our body about twenty minutes to register fullness. That means we need to slow down at the dinner table. 

Finally, be grateful for your food. It’s okay to enjoy eating. Naturally thin people like to eat too. They just approach food differently. Think about your food positively and be grateful for it. And when you realize it’s fuel rather than an emotional solution, you’re better able to make smart food decisions

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