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Ep 1# 6 Ways to Stop a Bad Day From Driving You To Eat

Show Notes:

Many of us turn to food for comfort when we are under stress and things don’t seem to go our way. The problem is that the quick fix of sugar and carbs is momentary and literally leaves you feeling worse once that food high settles, which it inevitably does.

So why do we do it?

Stress causes our bodies to automatically increase respiration, blood pressure, heart rate, metabolism, and the blood flow to our muscles which triggers your body to release a hormone called cortisol which increases your appetite.

So what are the 6 ways to keep a bad day from driving you in the kitchen?

  • Get Outside
  • Attack a Clutter Project
  • Visit a friend 
  • Run some errands
  • Take a class 
  • Change your sheets

What all six of these techniques have in common is that they remove you from easy access to junk food and they either get your body or your mind moving. If we want to be our healthiest and happiest, we have to make active decisions to take care of ourselves. 

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