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Ep 12- What is the secret to behavior change?

Spoiler alert: There isn’t one.

From the latest self-help books to the stream of New Years Resolution articles that hit every January, popular media likes to tell us that there is one solution, one miracle cure, one “weird trick” to achieving behavior change.

And, oddly enough, it feels like that “one thing” is always changing.

It’s all about willpower.

No wait, it’s all about motivation.

Nope. It’s all about the right habits.

Or working the right hours. Or hacking your brain. Or finding the right productivity system.

Throughout this course, you’ll learn:

There isn’t one magical way to change our (or anyone else’s) behavior.

Human beings, their experiences, and their interactions with their environments, are complex.

That doesn’t mean all pop psychology ideas are bogus or useless, although they’re often over-simplified.

Instead, think of these ideas like ingredients at a buffet: They don’t stand alone, and they’re not the whole picture.

Many have important insights and grains of truth that work best when we consider them as part of a multi-dimensional framework of change.

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