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Ep 14- 5 significant reasons to lose weight. (Why isn’t the media covering these?)

5 significant reasons to lose weight. (Why isn’t the media covering these?)

Forget heart attacks and skinny jeans.

This is why weight loss is important.

Avoiding heart disease and looking ‘fab’ aren’t always great reasons to lose weight. However, here are 5 immediate and significant ways your life can change when you trim the fat.

I’d like you to join me in a thought conversation

I promise there’s a point to it. In fact, we’ll soon talk about why most popular reasons for losing weight are either uninspiring or scientifically worthless.

But, for now, let’s begin by setting our feelings, insecurities, assumptions, stories, and beliefs about body fat aside.

You might feel confused. Or defensive. Or saying “Yes, but…”

Please bear with me. Just for a few minutes.

Forget, for a moment, about looking good.

Forget about “thin privilege”. Forget about “fat privilege”.

Forget about personal rights or civic obligations.

Forget about abs and guns and lats and whatever other laundry list of nonsense is now used to describe various body parts.

While you’re at it, forget about whatever the Internet has spawned this week. (Thigh gap? Duck lips? Bikini bridge? Manscaping?

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