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Ep 2 – Think You’re Ready to Shed the Fat? You Might Be Wrong

Show Notes:

Everyone who ever started a weight loss program thought they were ready to lose weight


So why do so many of us fail?  

Fact is, most of us dive into weight loss fueled by poor reasons such as concern for body image  and lack of fundamental  foundation.

 As your Nutrition Coach, I’ll walk you through the 5 foundational commitments for successful weight loss. 

You should own it

You should go all in

Never be afraid to ask for help

Learn to stick to it 

Work hard for it

So do you think you are finally ready to lose weight?

Remember: All bodies have potential.  Regardless of their current state, there is room for improvement and the potential to create a comfortable, happy home.  You know what they say is true, your body is your house. 

If you truly feel you’re ready to start your weight loss journey, click below to grab our free guide to set yourself up for success.

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