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EP 3 -How To Keep Up With Nutrition And Workout When You Travel

In this episode we are going to discuss how you can stick to your nutrition and workout goals while travelling. This is a very common challenge for people who are always travelling or simply for some who are on vacation but still want to keep track of their nutrition and fitness. 

To successfully work figure out what to prioritize but always be mindful in keeping the balance of the following:

QUALITY TIME – I tell all of my clients when you focus less on yourself & a perfectionist mindset and more on the experience; that’s what truly turns your goals into a lifestyle.


The majority of your progress on your fitness journey comes from distressing, lowering those cortisol levels, getting rid of that water retention & just plain R&R

MOVEMENT/NUTRITION: Practicing the process of mindful eating will play a big role in this part.

PLANNING: Planning ahead will save you from a lot of stress and the urge to over-indulge because you’re on that “I’m on a trip” mindset. 

Thank you, my friends and that’s all for today. 

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