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EP 4-How I Quit Weekend Overeating

In my world, weekend overeating was ‘just what people did.’ It felt good to let loose… until I got sick of the regret, guilt, bloating, and extra pounds.

The cycle can be hard to break especially if the weekend overeating comes with your socialization plans.

Here are the 5 strategies that helped me turn things around.

Strategy #1: I aimed for “good enough” instead of “perfect”.

Remember: The descent method you follow is better than the “perfect” one you quit.

Strategy #2: I let go of my food rules.

If perfectionism is the Wicked Witch of overeating, then food rules are the flying monkeys.

These rules take up an awful lot of mental real estate. They also set you up for self-abandonment… aka “the Screw It Effect”.

Strategy #3:

I gave up on “Cheat Days”.

What and when you eat is up to you — and your hunger and fullness cues. No matter what day of the week it is.

Strategy #4: I owned my choices (Really. Owned them.)

My solution: I started making food decisions by acknowledging the outcome I would expect, based on my experience.

Strategy #5: I stopped rationalizing.

Rationalizations are a convenient script. They help us make sense of — and perpetuate — our overeating or other unhelpful behaviors.

My solution: I stopped rationalizing and asked myself why I was really overeating.

Weekend overeating was self-medication for stress, stimulation and novelty, and a way to connect with other people.

To rearrange your mindset and break the cycle of weekend overeating, try:

• aiming for “good enough” instead of “perfect”,

• letting go of your food rules,

• giving up the Cheat Days,

• owning your choices, and/or

• quitting the rationalizations.

And just like weight loss, the process of changing your habits will have ups and downs. It helps to team up with someone who will support and encourage you.

Find a friend, a partner, a trainer, or a coach, who will listen to you and keep you accountable.

Friends, that’s all for today’s episode.

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