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EP 5 -7 Ways to Know if Your Nutrition Plan is Working

Starting to work and commit to a nutrition plan for weight loss can sometimes be intimidating especially for beginners who have the intent but have minimal ideas on how to start it. 

Here are 7 ways to know if your nutrition plan is working. 

1. You feel satisfied after meals

2. You have more energy

3. Your clothes feel just a little looser (or tighter)

4. You’re in a better mood

5. You’re stronger and have more endurance

6. You can do more work overall. 


7. It feels more like a lifestyle than a “diet”

What to do next:

If you’re tired of being a slave to the scale, here are some ways to start breaking free.

1. Add, don’t subtract.

Just add so much healthy stuff—water, lean protein, fresh fruit and vegetables—that there’s less room or desire left over for food that doesn’t support your goals.

2. Measure—and celebrate—your progress.

Look for signs of progress everywhere. Everything counts, no matter how small.

Track them.

Celebrate them

3. Focus on little things.

Make mini-goals. Nano-goals, if you want.

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