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Ep 6 -How To Believe In Yourself Again

If you’ve been dieting unsuccessfully for a long time now, you may have lost confidence that you can lose the weight and keep it off. You might feel hopeless, exhausted and really, really sick of playing “the weight game.”

It can feel so frustrating. 

Just because you haven’t lost the weight YET doesn’t mean you won’t! 

Here’s how to keep believing in yourself to have a successful mindset towards weight loss. 

Diets Don’t Work

Well technically if you start doing it for poor reasons. 

Appreciate small changes. 

In the weight loss real talk world, we advocate small changes. Small steps, small wins, small victories. 

In sum, healthy habits come from small, 1% wins, and in the long run they equal a healthier lifestyle.

Think of five 1% wins and take a moment to feel proud of yourself. Those wins might seem small, but imagine how your life would be different if you integrated them into your life every single day for a year.

Your weight loss journey is not hopeless. Instead, it’s a beaming, shimmering light of hope because you can do this.

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