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Ep 7- Why The “pause-button mentality” Is Ruining Your Health And Fitness

Do you often practice the ‘pause-button mentality’?
The pause-button mentality only builds the skill of pausing.
I think it’s normal — even commendable — to want to do your best. To consider taking time to regroup and then resume (or start over) when life feels easier however this practice also has the power to sabotage your plans for improved nutrition, health and fitness. 

Here’s why — and what to do instead.
Starting fresh after you lose your way is a really comforting thought.
What you don’t build is the ability to get fit under real-life conditions.

What will be different next time?
“What will be different when you come back?”

I’ve wanted to press “pause” myself.
Let’s accept that life has no pause button.
The key lesson here is that, like it or not, the game of life keeps going.
There is no timeout.

Instead of pressing pause, adjust the dial.
Nowadays I like to think of my fitness and nutrition efforts as a dial.
There are times when I want to dial my efforts up, and times when I want to dial them down. But I never want to turn the dial off completely.

The important lesson: There’s a big difference between tuning your dial to 3, 2, or even a 1, and turning the whole thing off.

If what you just read hits home to you, then you are in the right place. I can help you adjust your dial and keep going.

I am happy to offer you a free strategy session where we can outline an effective strategy for your health goals.

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