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Motivating Yourself When You Slip Up On Your Diet

There’s no denying the fact that when it comes to weight loss, your diet is the most important factor. You cannot out-exercise a poor diet. Like they say in the fitness industry, “Abs are made in the kitchen.”

While you may not be striving for a set of six pack abs, the food you eat, and drink has a direct impact on your weight loss. So, if we looked at weight loss in theory, it’s really simple – just eat clean and eat less calories than you expend.


Yes, it’s that simple… but… and a huge BUT… it is NOT easy. Most people trying to lose weight struggle to change their diets. It’s as if they are fighting with themselves every single day.

This can be emotionally draining and depressing. It’s common for people to feel lousy and weak when they cave in to temptations. They feel like a loser for not being ‘perfect’ with their diet.

The truth is that this happens to EVERYBODY. Slipping up on your diet is extremely common. The mistake that people make is that they discard the diet for the day just because they ate something they shouldn’t have.

For example, if they were doing good on their diet till late afternoon and suddenly caved in and ate a doughnut as a snack, they lose motivation and decide to just eat whatever they want the rest of the day. 

The end result is that end up eating a lot more than they should have. While the doughnut was a small slip up and still a manageable one, if you go berserk and eat a ton of other junk food, you would have undone several days of dieting and exercise.

Aiming for 100 percent compliance is unreasonable and unrealistic. You should not aim for perfection. The goal is to keep going even if you occasionally slip up. 

Acknowledge the mistake and make corrections. Using the example above, that could be reducing portion sizes for dinner or just cutting out the carbs for dinner since you already ate the doughnut.

Throwing the entire diet or even giving up on your weight loss journey just because of one slip up is unwise. Look at it this way – if you dropped your mobile phone, you’d pick it up and dust it off and keep it safely in your pocket. You wouldn’t keep smashing it on the ground just because of one accident.

Treat yourself the same way. Don’t bash yourself just because of one small slip up. It doesn’t mean that you’re mentally ‘weak’ or lack discipline. When trying to change your diet, you’re actually trying to break habits that you’ve adopted for years.

Changing your eating patterns and food choices is a Herculean task because these are the strongest habits we have. We eat several times a day over many years. It’s usually the same food at the same times.

You can’t expect to change overnight. You’ll have to approach it in a slow and steady manner. Take pride in the small improvements and successes. When you slip up, promise yourself to do better. 

Analyze what caused you to slip up and change the conditions that weaken your resolve. Make slow measurable progress in reasonable time. If you do this daily, after a couple of months, your eating habits will be different.

You’ll prefer nutritious food. You won’t need to eat as much to feel satiated… and you’ll have much better relationship with food. By then, your excess pounds would have melted off and you’ll look and feel fantastic. It all starts by not giving up when you slip up. Stay on track.

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