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Ep 21 How To Outwit The Thought “I’ll start my diet tomorrow”

Have you ever had a thought that goes like this?⁠

“I want to lose weight so badly. After having two kids and going back to school for my nursing degree, I put on a few extra pounds. Every morning, when I get ready to go to work and scramble to get the kids dressed for school, I vow Today will be the day that I start watching what I eat. But inevitably, by mid-morning a rumbling stomach and hectic pace leaving me craving something sweet. I have the best intentions to lose weight but just can’t seem to get the ball rolling.”⁠

Who hasn’t declared a plan to initiate change tomorrow, next week, or after some event happens?⁠

Having a “plan” keeps your anxiety in check even if you have no intention of carrying it out.⁠

If you commonly say such things to yourself, pay attention to how and when you say them.⁠

Do you announce to your friend?⁠
Or maybe you say this to yourself the moment you pick up a high-calorie or greasy food?⁠

How do you outwit this common excuse then?⁠

Next time you have a thought like that, take a moment to do a self-check. ⁠

Ask yourself⁠

If I started tomorrow, what would I expect of myself?⁠

What pops into your mind?⁠

Does a long list of behavior changes flash before your eyes?⁠

Are your expectations too high maybe?⁠

When your expectations are so far from where you stand right now, you set yourself for frustration and giving up.⁠

If you really want to start eating healthy, then start with your breakfast.⁠

Eat some oatmeal instead of a muffin⁠

It’s a start⁠

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