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Is Your Metabolism Letting You Down?

Are you struggling to lose weight? Have you found that even though you’re watching what you eat, your weight is slowly creeping up? Your metabolism may be letting you down. Don’t worry, though – there are some very simple things you can do to fire up your metabolism and burn more fat and calories.

#1 Move your body just a little bit more each day. Your body was designed to move. However, many people sit at a desk all day. It’s their job. When you live a sedentary life, your metabolism is going to slow down. The solution is easy. Add a bit more movement each and every day. Begin by creating small habits. 

For example, this week instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs. Next week, add a lunchtime walk around the block or head outside after dinner for a brisk walk. The week after that, make the walk a little bit longer. Go out for twenty minutes instead of fifteen. By increasing your movement just a little bit each day or each week, you’re firing up your metabolism. You’re creating great habits and you’re burning fat and calories. 

#2 Eat a good breakfast. A good breakfast is rich in lean protein and healthy carbohydrates and fiber. A good breakfast gets your blood sugar and metabolism started on the right foot every day. If you’re a person who doesn’t like breakfast, try making a fruit and protein powder smoothie in the morning. You can sip it on the way to work. If you do enjoy breakfast, try a healthy cereal that’s low in sugar and high in fiber, or eat an egg or egg whites and whole grain bread for breakfast. 

#3 Eat more often. Sounds contradictory, doesn’t it? However, eating smaller meals more frequently has been proven to boost metabolism. It prevents your body from going into the starve phase between meals when it naturally slows down to conserve energy. Your blood sugar levels remain even and your metabolism keeps humming along.

#4 Don’t starve yourself! When you don’t consume enough calories, your body naturally slows down to conserve energy. Instead, eat slow-burning foods. They tend to be high in fiber. Consider apples, oatmeal, carrots, whole grains, nuts and leafy greens. They’ll fill you up and help your metabolism stay fired up.

#5 Get enough sleep. Sleep is imperative to a healthy and fully functioning body. It’s important for your brain, for your stress hormones and it’s important for your metabolism. When you don’t get enough sleep on a regular basis, your metabolism will slow down. Create a sleep routine and make sure you get your zzz’s.

Your metabolism is your body’s engine. Fuel it right and take care to maintain it with proper sleep and exercise, and it’ll naturally begin to pick up. Exercise doesn’t have to be a struggle either. While weight lifting and aerobic exercise are beneficial, studies have shown that simply moving your body often, about 10,000 steps a day, will boost your metabolism.

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