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Working with Your Strengths to Lose Weight Fast

The key to seeing faster results with your weight loss objective is to focus on what you’re already good at or what you used to be good at. 

Not only will you save time and effort by focusing on your strengths, but your progress will be smoother and you’ll be more motivated to stay on track until you reach your goal.

  • Which sports did you engage in before?

Your muscles have ‘memory’ and your body will adapt faster if you engage in physical activity that you used to do when you were younger. For example, if you ran often to keep fit or you used to swim laps, you’ll notice that within 2 weeks of regular exercise doing what you used to do before, your stamina and strength will quickly improve.

This doesn’t occur with sports that you’re new to. Your body will take a longer time to adapt. So, if you want faster results, do what you used to do before and let your body take a trip down memory lane and recover fast.

Do note that sometimes injuries or other circumstance may prevent you from engaging in sports you used to do. If you have weak or painful knees, you may not be able to run like you used to. So, speak to your doctor first.

  • What exercises do you love?

You’ll be more likely to enjoy activities you love. Always remember that the goal is to increase activity in your life. It could be swimming, Zumba, tennis, kickboxing, rock climbing, etc. It’s not the activity that matters, but how often you engage in it.

People tend to do what they love without much hesitation. These passions can be considered your strengths. Take up activities you love. Exercise doesn’t have to be grueling running or weight lifting. There are so many ways to get a workout.

  • Which healthy foods do you prefer?

There are many healthy foods that are tasty too. The goal is to slowly eliminate processed foods and starchy carbs from your diet. You do not need to force yourself to eat avocados if you hate the taste, just because you want to be on a keto diet.

Eat the veggies and fruit you love. Eat the lean meat you prefer and stick to healthy meals that are easy on your palate. Lean chicken breast and broccoli for dinner daily is enough to drive anyone insane.

  • What bad habits can you easily give up?

When changing your lifestyle, it’s best to first focus on the negative habits that you can give up immediately without much resistance. For some people, that may mean giving up their 2 bottles of beer every night.

For others, it could be going to bed late or having pizza every Friday, etc. It’s these little positive changes which will reinforce your self-confidence while helping you to progress.

From there, you can slowly work to eliminate the other negative habits. With gradual reduction and incrementally positive changes, you’ll soon be in alignment with your goals and only do what benefits your goal.

  • What are your strongest traits?

It’s important to know what your strongest traits are. It could be determination, perseverance, patience, accountability, and so on.

Whatever your strongest trait is, you should use it to reinforce and shape your weight loss journey. If you’re determined, use that determination to train harder and push yourself further.

Be patient, use your calm temperament to form a weight loss plan that will slowly and painlessly take you to your goal in time to come.

If you can hold yourself accountable, use a journal to track your progress assiduously and make the necessary changes to reach your goal weight in no time at all.

By developing your strengths you’ll be more focused and get better results. Eliminating your weaknesses will become easier when you have the self-confidence that you can do what you set your mind to.

Nobody is good at everything, but everybody is good at something. Find your something and use it to take you from start to finish on your weight loss journey.

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